Himalayan Fruits Processing Co. specializes in the export of high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. We source directly from farms and PACK it in most modern pack House after cleaning & washing by most modern equipment and Export a wide range of fresh products including processed fruits & vegetables.

We consolidate shipments for supermarkets, importers, restaurants, hotels and resort chains worldwide. Since its establishment in India , we are continuously expanding our technical knowledge and raw material supply base via contract farming. We have applied GMP and GAP systems to all our farms, we source from and all exported produce has full tractability.

Carefully every processes starting from our farm to packing factory, every packing of products has been checked with QC team until the freight agent pick products up to Airport.

Our company provides a wide selection of delicious fresh produce available in India , both seasonal and all year round types, including Mango , Organic Pineapple , Banana , Litchi , Orange , Passion Fruits , Sapota ( chiku ) , Pears , Peach , Papita , Pomegranate, Blue Berries , Guji Berries , Goose Berries , Mountain berries , water Chestnut and others to serve demand in overseas markets. The company exports 100% of its output to countries in Western Europe, Middle East and South East Asia and others.